Future 800 Air-Travel

Future 800 Air-Travel



It’s the lightest (only 16kg with battery), the fastest and most compact scooter in its class currently available on the market. Its additional advantage is the long range of diving, which was achieved mainly by the high efficiency of the drive unit and the high power of the battery.


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  • Charger 240W 9S LiIon dedicated to FUTURE I GHOST scooters

    POM transport bracket fi 160mm

    Universal sports camera mount, attached to the control module

    Internal scooter ballast mounting plate

    Trimming weight 65g – additional 3 pieces

    Trimming weight 200g – additional 2 pieces

    Scooter harness 1,8m with carabiner and two tensioners

    Spare parts set for FUTURE – set of seals, grease for seals, grease for engine, spare buttons

    Service key